Master – Climate Solutions


Master Climate Solutions is a world leading manufacturer of machinery for air processing

Master Climate Solutions Group is a world leader in the production of portable equipments. Their machines are designed for professionals and the Masters aim is to help them adjust their working environment to their needs in the quickest and simplest possible way whilst retaining low investments costs.

Master has been for over 50 years the number 1 brand in the world for professional portable heaters.

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The heritage of Master goes back to the early sixties when the company Desa created the first Master air flow heaters in the United States of America. Year after year, Desa grew worldwide expanding in other countries and opening manufacturing and sale facilities abroad. In March 2011 Desa changed its name into Master Climate Solutions enhancing at the same time its dedication to the climate and the priority of the brand Master.

The global presence of the company and its many years of experience make Master unquestionable market leader in the segment of portable machines for air processing. The basic element of the company’s development is to introduce new products and technical innovations as well as maintaining current position of the market leader and expanding into new markets.