Fluke ii900 Fluke Subscribers

"Looking for a 100% trusted and proven solution to detect 
Air/ Gas leaks - QUICKLY?" 

Save up to 30% Annually on the cost of your Compressed Air

Product Key Feature/ Benefits:
  • Leak Visibility - You can actually see the air/ gas leak on the high resolution Colour LCD display, right before your eyes!
  • Easy to Use - Very User-friendly requiring very little/ or no training. Just hold the Sonic Imager in your hands and start using it.  Seeing is believing!
  • 100% Portability - A hand-held light-weight easy to carry device that shows you where you are wasting $-Revenue.
  • Measurement Range - You can measure up to 50-metres from source of leak. Scan large areas - quickly to find leaks much faster.
  • Works in Noisy Places - There is no need to shut down Production, or for sensitive headphones.  This technology is immune to high ambient noise.
  • Long Battery Life - Up to 6-hours of battery life is available per battery pack. Replacement battery is easily exchanged.
  • Robust Design - Fluke is renowned for its durability. This will most likely be the best investment you ever make.
  • Guaranteed Savings - By using the Fluke  ii900 Sonic Imaging Camera, the Return-on-Investment (ROI) is in days, not months or years. 
- DID YOU KNOW - Fact Check #1

Up to 30% of Compressed Air is lost annually due to leaks.  How much is this costing you?

- DID YOU KNOW - Fact Check #2
 For every 1 mm leak that exists in your Plant, this equates to $5,000 in lost revenue - annually.  
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