Gas and dust detection, connector solutions, strata monitoring and infotainment systems



Trolex is a global supplier of gas and dust detection, connector solutions, strata monitoring and infotainment systems to the mining, hazardous industry and transportation markets.


Trolex offers a full suite of protection and monitoring products and systems to the mining industry, allowing our customers to effectively command their mine, and to maximize productivity and safety.


Trolex specializes in advanced, intelligent, rapidly deployable gas and dust detection systems as well as Ex connector and portable gas detection products with very low cost maintenance.


Trolex delivers on-board Wi-Fi and fully comprehensive Infotainment systems, LED lighting solutions, and bespoke cable systems design and production services, with full project management and delivery across an extensive range of rail applications.

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Gas detection
Reliable and instant detection of toxic and flammable gases is critical to the safety and efficiency of harsh and hazardous industrial and mining operations. Protecting workers and the public from harm, managing your assets productively, and improving decision-making in safety-critical incidents, is achieved through a flexible and comprehensive gas detection solution that may include wireless, portable or fixed gas detection equipment.

Dust detection and monitoring
Monitor and protect your personnel from hazardous dust particles and fine dust emitted into the atmosphere, through our highly advanced, real-time and incredibly accurate dust detection sensors. The first of their kind, our new dust detection sensors are built to operate flawlessly in harsh and hazardous industrial and mining operations, and to form part of an advanced dust control strategy. Our dust detection sensors ensure that your people are properly protected and that permitted exposure levels are never exceeded, protecting both your personnel and your business in an increasingly legislated scenario.

Ex Connectors
Easy-to-use, rapid assembly, durable and flexible, our Ex Connectors are the most reliable and efficient Ex Connectors on the market today. Featuring live disconnect and reconnect of equipment under power, extreme durability in the harshest and most hazardous of industrial or mining environments, and the fastest assembly time on the market, our Ex Connectors give you uncomplicated connections you can really trust.

Comprehensive strata control and monitoring instruments form the backbone of your mining and tunnelling operation. At RMT | Trolex, we manufacture and supply a full array of strata control and monitoring instruments to help you manage your structural environment in potentially hazardous locations. Our solutions will enable you to radically improve operational productivity and employee safety – typically boosting mine-efficiency by up to 40%, and reducing health and safety incidents by over 65%.

WiFi and infotainment systems
The customer travel experience is changing. Passengers want Wi-Fi that works and they want access to information and entertainment wherever they go – from the latest news to Hollywood movies – all of this they desire at their fingertips. And, in order to retain these customers, it falls to you as the service provider, to deliver an unparalleled consumer entertainment and information experience. A full service solution including Wi-Fi and system hardware, software, content provision and revenue generation as well as service and support, Juxta by Trolex|Aporta is the world’s leading infotainment platform for the transportation industry.