Marking systems for the entire cabinet – Weidmuller MultiMark is the smart all-in-one solution.

14th November, 2019|Identification Products|

Contact Me About This The higher the level of automation, the more complex the structure of a control cabinet. This rule means it is more important than ever for installed components to be properly labelled. The internal arrangement of the cabinet must be clear from first glance for

Mechanical ‘Full Tension’ Connector a World First from Sicame

15th October, 2019|Power Products|

The new MTRS connector The new MTRS mechanical splice range has been developed to overcome many of the issues affecting poor jointing of bare overhead conductors with either compression, helical or spring type splices. Compression, helical and spring-loaded ‘automatic’ type splices all suffer from well-known problems

Ruggedized Protection for your Critical Industrial Infrastructure

10th October, 2019|UPS & Critical Power|

Perfect for New Zealand’s dusty and damp industrial environments, the Liebert ITA2 from Vertiv is a fully-digital, highly reliable, double conversion UPS solution that delivers clean and consistent power. This highly efficient solution is ideal for various deployments; whether they're IT racks, network closets, automation control systems, and

Stay Out of the Panel and Protect Your Motors and Pumps

19th September, 2019|Automation and Control|

MP8000 LittelFuse Protection Relay The MP8000 is an advanced motor protection electronic overload relay. Fully programmable via Bluetooth* using an iPhone* or Android* smartphone or tablet with the Littelfuse App. It is easy to use and arc-flash safety is increased because the app allows settings to be modified