Katko Appoints Cuthbert Stewart Ltd as Master Distributor in New Zealand

13th April, 2021|Announcements, Automation and Control, Hazardous Area, Industry Articles, Power Products, Safety|

KATKO APPOINTS CUTHBERT STEWART LTD AS MASTER DISTRIBUTOR IN NEW ZEALAND KATKO products have been installed in dairy factories and industrial sites across New Zealand for decades. Originally the products were sold under KATKO’s own brand prior to NHP starting to supply the ISO-KATKO Isolators to the market in the beginning of the 2010’s. We

Integrated safety with Weidmuller U-Remote

9th March, 2016|Automation and Control, Safety|

U-remote offers integrated safety for both people and machines. With u-remote you can implement both distributed as well as discrete safety solutions into your I/O system. Communicative systems such as u-remote form part of the future in factory automation. For safety, this means that even after triggering an emergency stop, it is still

A world of fuses now available from CSL

15th February, 2016|Automation and Control, Power Products, Safety|

We're pleased to confirm our new partnership with Fuseco Power Systems, a specialist fuse supplier, which means CSL can now offer almost every type of fuse imaginable and available with quick turn-around. Australian Fuse specialists, Fuseco were established in 1996 and since then have adopted a very simple strategy of superior service and having product

Care & Maintenance of Hastings fiberglass live line tooling

6th December, 2015|Power Products, Safety, Tools and Testers|

Care and maintenance of live line tooling is just as important as using the correct tool. To ensure worker safety, live line tools need to be regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained. Field Care of Tools In the daily use of your hot stick, precautions should be taken to prevent contamination or moisture build-up. Special precautions should

CATU Interlocking Earth Clamps Ensure Safety

1st December, 2015|Power Products, Safety|

The CATU range of interlocking earth clamps improves worker safety by ensuring the correct order for application of temporary earth leads Worker Safety a Priority Lines Companies these days have a much greater appreciation of the risks associated with electrical work. Regular training ensures that Line Mechanics are fully aware of the risks, however, mistakes


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