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We’re pleased to confirm our new partnership with Fuseco Power Systems, a specialist fuse supplier, which means CSL can now offer almost every type of fuse imaginable and available with quick turn-around.

Australian Fuse specialists, Fuseco were established in 1996 and since then have adopted a very simple strategy of superior service and having product readilly available. Fuseco imports leading brands such as SIBA, Fusemaster and Australux into the Australian market and utilizing their well trained and experienced staff they are able to advise on many brands of fuses and related products both their own and replacements for competitors.


Fuses are critical for ensuring the safety of a company’s important electrical equipment. Fuses protect components and equipment from overcurrents by stopping the flow of electricity through the circuit. And then once the fault has occurred the subsystem is isolated from the rest of the main system limiting the damage that can be done.

After 20 years Fuseco have an exhaustive range of products for every need, starting with the basics and then growing their range based on popular requests and changing market requirements. All of these fuses are now available from CSL with the most popular items held in our Auckland distribution center. Fast access to the extensive Fuseco stocks in Australia mean a fast turn around on even the most unusual fuse requirement. Their customer support system can guarantee delivery into our store the next day for any limited or non-stocked items.

Miniature Fuses

Miniature Fuses

Our staff, with the support of Fuseco Australia, can help you find the exact equivalent for any fuse you might need. When originally chosen, the level of protection from a fuse was carefully considered and must therefore be replaced with the same level of care. Our team can help you find either the identical fuse or an exact replica to prevent serious consequences. No matter the manufacturer of the original fuse, Fuseco have an easy to source replacement of the same specifications. Challenge us today with your fuse requirement and let us show you the sort of service you really want from a fuse supplier.

NH Type Fuses

NH Type Fuses

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Download the Fuseco catalogue here or contact us for a hard copy.


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