Marking systems for the entire cabinet – Weidmuller MultiMark is the smart all-in-one solution.

14th November, 2019|Identification Products|

Contact Me About This The higher the level of automation, the more complex the structure of a control cabinet. This rule means it is more important than ever for installed components to be properly labelled. The internal arrangement of the cabinet must be clear from first glance for servicing: the marking system becomes an

PrintJet Advanced takes big projects in its stride

28th March, 2016|Identification Products|

Flexible printing of plastic and metal markers from Weidmullers PrintJet ADVANCED The Print Jet ADVANCED is an inkjet printer which prints plastic markers in MultiCard format and metal markers from the MetalliCard family. Thanks to its high magazine capacity it is ideal for printing large volumes in continuous operation. The precise colour printing and thermal

Production on site with Partex T1000 ProMark

9th November, 2015|Identification Products|

ProMark T1000 is a successor of the most popular Partex profile printer MK9-USB. Complemented with new options, and menu with Partex article numbers, it is a perfect solution for installers and producers of control cabinets and panel boards.   Compact, fast and portable printer to cover most of your marker needs. Easy to operate with


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