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PROtop – High-end power supplies

17th October, 2017|Automation and Control|

Supplying power even under difficult environmental conditions PROtop – the innovative power supply for demanding applications Extreme vibration and temperature resistance as well as its space- and cost-saving concept for redundant power supply systems make PROtop the optimal high-end solution for wind turbines High-end power supplies must perform efficiently and reliably, even in challenging

EEA – Electrical Engineers Conference 2017

13th June, 2017|Automation and Control|

EEA2017: Electricity Challenges : Industry Solutions 21 to 23 June 2017, TSB Arena & Shed 6 Complex, Wellington EEA2017 : Electricity challenges : Industry solutions recognises that the industry faces many challenges, from new technology and evolving customer expectations to commercial and regulatory pressures. The electricity industry is rising to these challenges with innovation, leadership

Weidmuller Configurator

19th December, 2016|Automation and Control|

Weidmüller Configurator: simpler configuration and ordering Digital information is becoming increasingly important during product development. Starting with the product selection, configuration and creation of a virtual prototype through to the automated production and installation, end‑to‑end available data models are a cornerstone of digital production. This requires standardised product data and interfaces between the energy tools

maxGUARD from Weidmuller

15th December, 2016|Automation and Control|

Load monitoring and potential distribution combined - taking control voltage distribution to a new level https://youtu.be/Q0Ve5N8nPtE Fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distribution that can be installed quickly and saves space are a must for efficient machine and facility operation. With the new maxGUARD system from Weidmuller, the terminal blocks (previously installed separately) for distributing potential

Spring connection with PUSH IN technology

26th September, 2016|Automation and Control|

Increase efficiency in installation without compromising on safety. The innovative PUSH IN direct plug connector reduces connection times for solid wires and those with crimped on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 percent compared to clamping yoke terminals. The conductor is simply inserted in the clamping unit until it stops and that's it, you have

High Inrush Current in Lighting Technology

7th September, 2016|Automation and Control|

Lighting technology has been changing for some years now. Traditional light bulbs are rapidly being replaced with energy-efficient light sources such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs. All of these lamps have one thing in common: they require electronic control gear (ECG). The contacts on conventional relays wear out very quickly if used for triggering these

Compact DRI relays with plug-in pins

30th August, 2016|Automation and Control|

Accelerate installation and service in confined spaces Compact DRI relays with robust, industry-compliant plug-in pins. In an industrial environment, service work needs to be carried out quickly, simply and reliably. Increasingly compact cabinets and miniaturised components in confined spaces are becoming a challenge. If components need to be replaced, the bended relay pins often cause

Modular, decentralised facility concepts – FieldPower®

8th June, 2016|Automation and Control|

Decentrally generate and distribute 24 V control voltages FieldPower® 10 A power supply for cabinet-free installation concepts In order to implement materials handling facilities in intra-logistics and production logistics in line with deadline and cost specifications, pre-assembled field boxes are required for the individual machine functions, which are type-tested and easy to combine and