Product Distribution

When it comes to the supply, distribution and management of electrical products you are in the right place

We have nearly 70 years of procurement and logistics experience – that experience, combined with our established long term relationships with World leading brand partners, is the cornerstone of our business and the CSL advantage.

Our strength lies in our depth – whether it’s sourcing materials and components from our global supply partners, or product customisation and bespoke manufacturing – we can respond to your business requirements.
Plus our established infrastructure offers you substantial commercial benefits.

We carry an extensive inventory range in our own dedicated warehouse facility which allows us to offer extremely accommodating order and delivery services.

  • No freight charges on orders into store
  • No surcharge on urgent orders
  • No mucking around.

We are committed to constantly growing our portfolio of suppliers and as our customer base expands and diversifies, so does our procurement network and supply selection.