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D-series1Compact design. Optimum performance.

Range-taking mechanical cable connectors for power cables in low voltage applications up to 240 mm².

Nexans launches the D-Series, our new state-of-the-art low-voltage mechanical connector series. This product range was developed following DIN V EN 47640 and is electrically tested according to IEC 61238-1 class A connector standard for medium voltage products.

 Nexans Power Accessories Germany brings a new GPH connection technology to the market.

 All-rounder for LV applications

Mechanical cable connectors of the D-Series are fully tin-plated. They allow the connection of copper and aluminum conductors of all designs and cross-sections between 1.5 mm² and 240 mm². With only 2 mechanical connectors (D1.5-35 SK, D50-240 SK) conductors of this cross section area can be safely connected in the most efficient way possible.

High installation quality

The mechanical D-Series connectors can be installed quickly and simply with common commercially available inner and outer hexagon tools.

Reliability and tested for safety

The patented GPH mechanical connection technology compensates conductor tolerances always with an optimum contact force. The original design of the D-Series was also tested successfully according to the medium voltage standard IEC 61238-1 class A and allows long-lasting contact quality of the application.

Electrical performance at its best

To create best possible contacts and to minimize the excess screw length 3 bolt types and 5 galvanically tin-plated connector body sizes are available. According to your area of application it can be chosen between hexagon socket bolts, comfortable single or double shear-off-head bolts.

d-series2Special conductor channel

The special conductor channel of the D-Series allows the installation of common sector conductors (se/sm) from 35 mm² without mechanical reshaping of the conductors.

One stop shop

From one source we offer for your low-voltage applications reliable and economic power accessories and kits with components optimally coordinated.

Within the approved span of application the new low voltage “D“-series connectors allow the connection of equal as well as different cross sections regardless of the conductor material, form and design. This eliminates the need for specially manufactured compression connectors.


In total 7 sizes with tin-plated surface are available. They fulfil the requirements of the norm DIN V 47640 and are tested acc. To DIN EN 61238-1 by external accredited test laboratories.


Connectors with shear-off-head bolts are easy and quick to install with the help of standard hand tools, impact wrench and the new Torque Amplifier.

Product properties:

  • tested acc. to DIN 61238-1
  • connector bodies tin-plated
  • cross sections from 1,5 mm² to 240 mm²
  • 7 sizes available
  • with inspection hole or oilstop barrier
  • for Al or Cu conductors
  • suitable for round stranded, sector stranded, round solid and sector solid conductors
  • minimized excess length due to patented multiple-shear-off-head bolts
  • quick, easy and economic installation

 Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH

Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH has been a leader in pre-assembled cable accessories for more than 55 years. The company is specialized in manufacturing of low, medium and high voltage accessories as well as mechanical connectors and cable lugs.

Data Sheet available here: D Series LV Connectors Data sheet R3

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