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Produced by Sicame in Australia, The PFV100 is used widely by the power distribution industry throughout New Zealand.

Sicame’s innovative incorporation of a high visibility numbering system allows quick and easy identification of house numbers, even when the pole is cluttered.  This helps to prevent accidental disconnects of the wrong fuse meaning reduced time and effort for the field crew during routine maintenance.  It also allows faster response during emergency events such as fires.

Another unique feature of the PVF100 is the location of the cable entry. Located this beneath the fuse unit, results in the cable forming a natural drip loop eliminating the possibility of water ingress through the cable entry.

“Sicame has really put a lot of thought into the PFV100. The complete sealing of the IPC connections should ensure a reliable, long lasting connection is made even when dissimilar metals are present.” 

Shaun Brown, Engineering Delivery Lead – Northpower.

The unit also includes a high visibility clip on the IPC bolts making it easy and quick for the field crew to confirm the connection has been made correctly.

PVF 100 Features

  • UV Stabilised, impact resistant and flame-retardant body
  • Insulation piercing connectors on both line and load side
  • Top mounted stainless-steel bracket fixing bolt M8 insulated from active components
  • Underside cable entry to IPC connectors creating a natural drip loop
  • Conductor seal fully encapsulates conductor end
  • Utilises shear head technology
  • Shear off bolts at the side of the fuse easy access under eaves or cross arms
  • UV stabilised bird guard over cable seals
  • Completely waterproof bi-metallic connection
  • Range of brackets to suit various applications
  • IP44 Protection rating
  • Fully vented to allow air circulation around fuse
  • Standard pig tail stick to operate service fuse base
  • optional high visibility house numbering system