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The chances are electrical workers who carry out maintenance, modifications or construction of electrical systems will at some stage be exposed to live electricity. The question is will the equipment ensure their safety if something goes wrong?

Snap on clamp earth set attached to an 11kV overhead line. Two short-circuit leads bridge out all three phases, and a third earth-lead is required to connect the short-circuit set to earth.

Nothing could be more important to safety for electrical workers than the effectiveness of their personal earthing systems. But how good are they?

CATU devices reduce the risk of back strain or other repetitive strain injuries by using light weight aluminium cable. They can be tailored to almost any type of installation including underground or overhead networks and substations with fault level ratings of up to 75kAmps for 0.5 seconds.

A unique feature of the CATU range is the spring-loaded snap-on clamp which significantly reduces the time needed to attach the earths. This combined with light-weight aluminum cables to reduce the lifting weight makes them easy to use, very light weight and as a result a popular choice for linemen.

These HV earth systems are incorporated into a wide range of earth sets which are available from CSL, either as a standard design, or as a custom design based on specific requirements.

Catu clamps connecting to overhead line

Equipotential Bonding Kits

These fault rated kits have recently been developed and are designed to be applied between earth connections and any point on an overhead network that is required to be earthed in order to create a safe working zone, or equipotential zone. Available it a standard design, or a custom design to suit particular requirements.



LV Bond Kits

The traditional HV range of earth systems has now been expanded to include a low voltage bond kit which has been designed to meet customer requirements for bonding all 3 phases and neutral together for LV applications only. The main feature of these kits is that they also use a small snap-on type of clamp for attaching shorting leads to each phase and neutral in order to keep the application time as quick and as easy as possible. These kits are available in copper cables only.

CATU MT-613 automatic contact clamps on clamp dispenser head

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