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Weidmuller offer a full range of screwdrivers designed specifically to work with their range of rail mount terminals and other product lines which use connectivity technology.

There are 3 design options.

The Weidmuller high quality screwdriver range

The Weidmuller high quality screwdriver range

The standard Uninsulated “SoftFinish” range   OR the new  Slimline VDE insulated thin blade range  are  recommended for use by panel builders installing these products.

The latter has an added tapering insulation on the shaft which allows insertion deep into the tension clamp terminals and inset fittings which cannot be reached by using a standard VDE thickly insulated screwdriver. This shaft Insulation gives full 1000VAC/1500VDC protection.

It is imperative that the correct size is chosen for the screw to ensure maximum contact between the screwdriver blade and the screw insets.

The tip must have a secure and snug fit filling the groove of the screw. If the tip is under sized the screwdriver will endure more torque than it is designed to withstand, resulting in warping or in extreme cases, snapping.

The downloadable data sheets for all Weidmuller terminals come with a reference to the recommended installation screwdriver including shaft and tip dimensions.

The Standard VDE-insulated screwdriver range is recommended for  general electrical installation and maintenance  and in particular working on live parts up to 1000VAC and 1500VDC (DIN EN 60900,IEC 900)

WScrewdrivers2Each screwdriver is individually tested in a water bath at 10,000 volts according to DIN EN 60900.

Weidmuller tips come in various options;  Slothead  , Phillips, Pozidrive, torx , hexagonal socket and angled shaft.

Pozidrives and Phillips look very similar but the pozidrive has an extra cross through the middle of the original. These extra four tangs give better grip within the screw and application of torque. They should be matched to their respective screw heads or optimum torque will not be achieved.

All Weidmuller screwdrivers have ‘Soft Finish” handles and the shafts are made from hardened, high alloy chromium -vanadium-molybdeneum steel with either matt chrome plating (uninsulated type) or gun metal finish.

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