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Up to 30% of Compressed Air is lost annually due to leaks.  How much is this costing you?

For every 1 mm leak that exists in an industrial plant, equates to $5,000 in lost revenue – annually. Now, save up to 30% annually on the cost of your compressed air.

Introducing the Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

With the Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager, your maintenance team can quickly pinpoint the location of compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks in a matter of minutes. With SoundSight™ technology you can see the sound a leak produces, even from a distance, even in noisy industrial environments.

Product Key Feature/ Benefits:

  • Leak Visibility – You can actually see the air/ gas leak on the high resolution Colour LCD display, right before your eyes!
  • Easy to Use – Very User-friendly requiring very little/ or no training. Just hold the Sonic Imager in your hands and start using it.  Seeing is believing!
  • 100% Portability – A hand-held light-weight easy to carry device that shows you where you are wasting $-Revenue.
  • Measurement Range – You can measure up to 50-metres from source of leak. Scan large areas – quickly to find leaks much faster.
  • Works in Noisy Places – There is no need to shut down Production, or for sensitive headphones.  This technology is immune to high ambient noise.
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 6-hours of battery life is available per battery pack. Replacement battery is easily exchanged.
  • Robust Design – Fluke is renowned for its durability. This will most likely be the best investment you ever make.
  • Guaranteed Savings – By using the Fluke  ii900 Sonic Imaging Camera, the Return-on-Investment (ROI) is in days, not months or years.

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