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Fluke_1662_Multifunction_Installation_Tester_3_4_angle__300dpi_100x62mm_L_NR-21303Safety and performance are two of the most critical requirements for any electrical system. Good quality insulation, a properly working grounding system and active protection assure the safety of people, electrical systems and buildings, and protect them against electrocution, fire and other equipment damage.




Our multifunction testers offer great versatility

You can use Fluke installation testers for various types of tests:

  • Insulation-continuity test: our installation tester does the job.

    Fluke installation testers can be used to perform an insulation-continuity test, which is designed to diagnose and prevent the breakdown of the insulation in various parts of the electrical system such as wires, transformers and motors. The quality of insulation is critical to assure proper, uninterrupted and safe functioning of electrical circuits.

  • Fluke 1662 Multifunction Testers US KitChecking RCD devices with a Fluke multifunction tester.

    Our versatile installation testers can also check the proper functioning of residual-current devices (RCDs). RCDs are designed to disconnect quickly to mitigate the harm caused from electric shock and to avoid current leaks that may lead to fire and other dangerous situations. Our installation testers assure that RCDs can properly perform this important task.

  • The perfect loop testing tool: a Fluke installation tester.

    Loop testing is a quick, convenient, and highly specific method of evaluating an electrical circuit for its ability to engage protective devices (circuit breakers, fuses, RCDs). A ground loop determines the effectiveness of protective devices.

  • Resistance measurement of grounding systems.

    The electrical installation testing abilities of the Fluke installation tester also include verification tests to ensure that a system’s resistance is low enough to provide protection to people, equipment and structures. A properly functioning grounding system is a critical safety feature of an electrical system.

What’s new. What’s different. Which is the right model?

The new Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers are the only installation testers that help prevent damage to connected appliances, while allowing users to wirelessly e-mail results from the field. Auto Test does all required installation tests in one sequence, ensuring compliance with local installation regulations.

Fluke 1660 Series Conversion Guide

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