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Powerful power supply for machines and systems

PROmax offers flexible solutions for ambitious automation.

14781100009999Instantaneous loads at high cabinet temperatures place special demands on the power supply for large machines. Failures caused by device defects impact the entire production line and can result in high costs.

Our high performance and durable PROmax switched-mode power supply units are designed for particularly demanding requirements. Continuous overload of up to 20 % or transient peak loads of 300 % are easy for PROmax to handle.

High boost capability and full power are also enabled over a wide temperature range. Our switched-mode power supply units can be used around the world and are also suitable for tight spaces thanks to their narrow width.

Product advantage

Space-saving width With extremely small width and direct side-by-side fitting, minimal space is required on the DIN rail.

Universal application

Variants with 3 A to 40 A output current, output voltages of 5 V DC to 48 V DC and numerous approvals (e.g. GL, UL, Class I, Div. 2) enable universal application solutions the world over.

AP_PROmax_no_gap_Det_1 (1)Robust and reliable supply

MTBF values exceeding 500,000 hours and a wide temperature range of –25 °C to +70 °C ensure reliable supply of the systems. Start-up temperatures of –40 °C make the PROmax particularly robust.

Article written by Collin Morris – Business Development Director at Weidmuller AG

Download a datasheet here: PROmaxPower Supplies_datasheet_v3


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