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Siemens building the future with CSL

After many successful years expanding the footprint and accessibility of the Siemens electrical and automation product range in New Zealand, Cuthbert Stewart Limited (CSL) is proud to announce that it extended its existing Siemens product portfolio to include the Siemens ‘building products’ category in New Zealand.

The comprehensive building technology product portfolio is part of Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure and delivers value, advantage and the latest innovations throughout an entire building no matter its function.

Innovative connected devices will transform the operation and performance of HVAC, fire safety, security, room automation, ventilation, lighting, maintenance and energy management spaces with its broad suite of sensors, controllers, drives, meters, thermostats, actuators, valves along with intuitive digital tools to knit them all together for unmatched, real-time visibility.

CSL Managing Director, Phil Elliott, says that as a global leader across so many industries and technology categories, Siemens is at the forefront of making our buildings smarter and more than just a place to work.

“Buildings represent around 40% of the world’s energy consumption and are mostly inefficient. Our own journey with the recent evolution of our Auckland site has shown us how the right technology can dramatically reduce energy costs, lower CO2 emissions and make our work environment help us to be more innovative and deliver superior outcomes for customers. Siemens Building Products provides immediate access to these advantages and is a ‘must consider’ approach.”

Elliott is referring to CSL’s new engineering centre TechLab – a state-of-the-art workshop environment for the tailoring and customisation of its product solutions, and BrewLab – its new innovation centre that’s designed to facilitate and promote the understanding, training and uptake of the latest technology available to New Zealand’s electrical and mechanical contractors and engineers.

“Where occupant comfort and safety remain the primary requirements for a place of work, we recognise that a fit-for-purpose building can deliver improved productivity and profitability. Buildings can now be easily tailored to facilitate higher performance, increased efficiency and long-term versatility. Armed with Siemens’ industry-leading product range and technology portfolio, CSL is the perfect partner to deliver the customised and automated approach to the unique requirements of your operation and your people,” says Elliott.

With the increasing prevalence of industrial controllers (PLCs) in building applications; especially critical infrastructure such as hospitals, CSL’s recognised automation and product distribution capabilities and extensive portfolio of solutions made it an easy choice for Siemens to further embed the successful long-term partnership.

Using this new highly digital approach to building function makes it easier to adapt any space to perfectly facilitate the needs of different tenants and operations without any sacrifice to the safety or comfort of the building’s occupants.

CSL business development manager, Simon Huxtable says that Siemens and CSL’s approach to building management enhances these factors with its extensive range of adaptable connected products.

“Siemens can deliver all these advantages from your basement to your boardroom. Whether it’s the security, ventilation, lighting, HVAC or energy management systems – the Siemens Building Products range is fully interconnected and can be automated, adjusted and customised in intuitive synergy with your operation,” he says.

Huxtable has been responsible for Siemens Building Products in New Zealand as a Siemens employee for four years and as part of this agreement is excited to be working for CSL directly to continue leading this category.

He highlights the improved lifecycle of assets and reduced whole of life costs as major motivators for customers. This encourages them to choose a partner with a proven track record in turnkey solutions, digital integration and harnessing the valuable data produced by a building to set performance baselines, establish targets and achieve objectives.

“We are experiencing a real drive to a digital future with end users, consultant and facilities managers understanding that there are tremendous efficiencies, innovations and increased safety assurances on offer – CSL will shine in making your buildings work better for you and deliver significantly more value.

“CSL has shown it understands how much value the right building can deliver with the brilliant environment they have developed to get the most out of their excellent people and world-class products. Customers can also be assured of the full CSL support package for the lifetime of the equipment,” he says.

CSL will be able to pre-configure and tag the Siemens Building Products range in-house at its TechLab engineering centre so that it arrives on sites installation ready.

Phil Elliott says that where his team can deliver tremendous advantage is understanding the project workflows of customers and being able to assist with customisation and timely deployment – effectively making projects run more smoothly and deliver better value from the get-go.

“We can’t wait to begin engaging with customers and supporting their projects with this terrific technology range and the other leading brands we bring to the table. Siemens Building Products combines seamlessly with our complimentary portfolio of Rittal enclosures, Weidmuller connectivity and automation products, ROBUS lighting and our own leading distribution board offering. We welcome and encourage the industry to get in touch, come for a visit and take a look at the value we can add,” says Elliott.

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To talk to CSL about your building requirements contact Simon Huxtable via email or on +64 21 297 6186