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CSL is proud to deliver a personal dust-monitoring solution that can protect the health of your people by them simply clipping on a light-weight device and going about work assured of their health and safety.

Everyone knows what to do when a fire alarm goes off – now you can provide your people with the same basic protection and awareness the moment they are in a dangerously dusty workplace.

Most respiratory diseases are incurable. Over half a million people worldwide die every year from diseases related to inhaling workplace dust.

If respirable dust is a factor in your business, you need to know about XD1+.

Switch it on, secure it in place and off you go

Trolex XD1+ real-time dust monitors are compact, lightweight and fight respiratory diseases in any workplace without the need for filters, pumps, tubes or replacement parts.

The personal device detects, counts and sizes up to 100,000 particulates a minute, providing accurate real-time information to save lives.

XD1+ provides instant alarms for fully customisable STEL and TWA measurements for PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25 and PM10 making it one of the markets most well-rounded and thorough personal protection devices.

Low maintenance – High performance

XD1+ performs a 2-minute automatic self-test routine every three months ensuring it delivers when required – the XD1+ is an obvious addition to any standard PPE kit for people in a dusty workplace.

Trolex provides a range of accessories to make charging, maintenance care and device allocation a simple process for teams of any size, working in any environment including durable cases to protect your devices and an assortment of clips, docks and fasteners so you can deploy your XD1+ where it will be most effective.

Essential PPE

Designed to be small, lightweight and unobtrusive, XD1+ should be used every day, in any situation or job role, whatever your level of expertise.

The devices give you the freedom to work without compromising focus or accuracy. It lets you know when you need to act while being largely unnoticeable when environments are safe and free of dust.

Make the cost and effort of dust sampling a thing of the past by simply recognising and mitigating the risk to your people with one cost-effective, early warning device.

XD1+ will change the way you manage safety.

Learn more about Trolex XD1+ personal dust monitors here.

Download the XD1+ datasheet here.