Elematic – Innovative leader in cabling system


Elematic has been achieving market share through the partners all over the world. Recognized in Italy as well in Europe thanks to its sales network focus on qualified electrical wholesalers and retailers of hardware and tools. The offer includes a competitive range of products linked to fixing, protection and connection cables, as well as a full range of light-duty, medium-heavy and chemical anchors.

The cable ties production runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to satisfy the market needs giving the expected service to the customers.

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Elematic, with over 30 years injection-molding experience has its own center of mold design and production supported by the most advanced technology, able to produce and develop new products.

The production unit includes 13 working stations with wire electrical charge machines, high speed milling machines and CNC center, to ensure maximum automation under the careful supervision of eight highly skilled technicians.

2-LOCK cable ties are the only ones in the world with double metal tooth designed, developed and produced to ensure the best performance in terms of grip and tensile strength.