MilkSure – Milk temperature monitoring and compliancy


MilkSure Monitoring Technology monitors the performance of milk chilling and storage systems on New Zealand Dairy Farms.

MilkSure continuously monitors the following:

  • Milk-in Temperature
    Monitors and logs the temperature of the milk after the primary milk chiller unit and before it goes into the vat.
  • Vat Temperature
    Monitors the temperature of the milk in the vat.

Benefits to New Zealand Dairy Farms:

  • Enables compliance with the MPI standard
  • Accurate recording of temperature data
  • Ability to react quickly to any temperature issues
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective
  • Programmable to individual requirements
  • Easy to read graphical representation of data (Excel)

To read more about Milksure visit the website:

MilkSure performs 4 functions:

LCD Touch screen displays milk temperatures and indicates milking is underway to start logging.

Data logs temperatures and milking cycles for up to 2 years.

Alarms can be set to notify when milk temperature is not compliant to the MPI standards.

TXT message alarm notification and cloud based data handling (MilkSure Plus only).