Sicame – Energy is our business


The principal activities of Sicame Australia involve the design, manufacture and supply of specialist electrical single and multi-tap connectors, fuses and mechanical hardware for use on overhead and underground electricity distribution systems. These activities are supported by the latest computer design and manufacturing programs available. Along with our advanced machinery and testing facilities, Sicame Australia is well placed at the forefront of manufacturing technology in Australia for this business sector. Our advanced modeling, prototyping and testing facilities enable extremely rapid new product development and testing. This results in very “short time to market” products together with the ability to produce relatively small production runs to suit specific customer requirements.

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Sicame product offering covers a broad range including:

  • LV ABC fittings
  • Tooling and test equipment
  • LV and MV bare overhead fittings
  • HV transmission fittings up to 500kV and All Di-Electric Self Supporting (ADSS) and Optical Fibre Grand Wire (OPGW)
  • Underground waterproof insulation piercing connectors
  • Custom designed and manufactured range of underground joints.

Including a full range of electrical safety equipment and personal protection.

Sicame lead the industry in the design, manufacturing of portable earthing systems and LV Bonding for overhead and underground. They also have a range of specialist connectors and fittings for the Industrial and commercial markets.

With a strong reputation as the leading manufacturer and supplier of Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cable (LVABC) Insulation Piercing Connectors and associated equipment. The Company has invested heavily in engineering and research and development in the field of insulation piercing and waterproof technology and is considered a world leader in this field for LV system connectors.