Koloa has over 14 years’ experience in the NZ electrical industry having held varied roles over those years, including Sales support, Sales engineer, Business Development and Product Management.

I have a diploma in Electrical Engineering and have core strengths particularly around low voltage power distribution and motor control.

  • Dip Electrical Engineering
  • LV power distribution
  • Motor control
  • Effective communication
  • Making babies

“Our greatest enemy isn’t the opposition, it’s the distractions”, this is a great statement especially in this information age when there’s so much content readily and easily accessible at our fingertips. As we become focused on our customers’ needs and we ask the right questions to truly understand the problems, we can then go away and put together the solution they require. If I put myself in the customers shoes, I would like to think that my problem was given to someone who cared and put focused effort into creating a solution. This is the way I do business, so contact me and let’s start talking about how I can help you.”



Koloa has 5 children (4 Boys and 1 Princess) and loves spending time and being involved with family. He follows most sports with a particular passion for Rugby. Koloa helps with coaching of his children’s sports teams and of course is an avid fan of the mighty All Blacks.