Simply ingenious for small automation tasks

LOGO! What is it?

A simple alternative to relays, timers and lots of wiring – the LOGO! starter kits come with everything you need to get started with basic automation applications.

The Soft Comfort software included in the starter kit is easy to use with drag and drop programming and full explanations of the functionality. If you can read a simple circuit diagram, you can program a LOGO!

Siemens is the largest manufacturer of automation solutions worldwide. Companies like BMW and VW trust Siemens to control their manufacturing plants. You too can trust Siemens to provide a reliable, robust solution for your automation.

LOGO! What can it do?

With a LOGO! micro-controller you can perform multiple tasks all in one unit, replacing the need for multiple relays, timers and traditional wiring, saving you time and space – and if you need to perform the same task more than once, simply download your program to multiple controllers!

In addition, LOGO! comes with a built-in web-interface. This allows you to check the status and control your application from anywhere. Think turning lights or ventilation on or off remotely, controlling irrigation in a greenhouse, feeding animals without having to be there – the possibilities are endless!

Purchase your starter kit from your local Electrical Wholesaler

Your starter kit comes with everything you need to begin – Soft Comfort software, web-interface software, a 24V LOGO! controller and a power supply module. Just install the software and get started!

Plus, when you purchase your LOGO! starter kit you qualify for free online training to help you get started the easiest way possible. Simply fill out the form below and you will be sent a link to sign up for Siemens online training.  Plus there are heaps of pre-written applications ready for you to download and make your own! All for free!

What next?

Once you have your starter kit, complete the form below to sign up for your free training, install the software and you’re ready to go – and don’t forget to check out all the free resources on this page and on youtube to support you.

Siemens LOGO! – Simply ingenious for your small automation applications!

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