Rittal – Faster, Better, Everywhere.

Rittal offers an efficiently engineered enclosure system for all applications backed by a comprehensive range of accessories and tested product quality for exacting requirements.

Rittal small enclosures boast perfectly coordinated sizes, designs and materials, mass production quality, plus the diversity of matching system accessories.

Browse the complete range of compact enclosures form Rittal that include steel, free-standing and plastic enclosure to meet your application requirements.

To cater for larger application requirements, APS Industrial offer Rittal enclosure systems that promise space gains and simple installation.

From distributor and colocation racks through to cable management and more, Rittal offer a complete enclosure system for your IT application.

Rittal offer an extensive range of IT Enclosures for small through to large networks – all of which make optimum use of interior space and provide high protection.

Whether your application requires a top console, one-piece console, universal console or PC enclosure system, Rittal has your needs covered.

If optimised cleaning results, higher productivity and minimal risk are important factors, the Rittal range of Hygienic Design enclosures are for you.

Rittal stainless steel enclosures protect critical equipment in harsh environments under the most demanding conditions.

SITOP power supply units are globally recognised for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions and the range provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages.

For outdoor applications Rittal also have your needs covered with a complete range of wall-mounted, basic and multifunctional cabinets.

From Ex certified enclosures, through to EMC-shielded enclosures and enclosures designed for use in areas at risk of earthquakes, Rittal has a solution for you.