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SITOP Power Supplies

Welcome to the future of industrial power solutions with Siemens SITOP Power Supplies. Engineered for reliability and performance, SITOP stands as a pinnacle in power supply technology, ensuring a steady and efficient energy source for your automation systems. Explore our diverse range of options, designed to meet the unique demands of industrial environments. Experience uninterrupted operations and simplified maintenance with Siemens SITOP, setting new standards for power supply excellence in the industrial landscape.


Reliable worldwide, SITOP power units offer flexible input, certifications, and load stability, ensuring plant availability. Add-ons prevent issues, and with UPS upgrade, units bridge power failures for seconds to hours. Fault-specific measures ensure continuous operation. For critical applications, redundant solutions are available, and our global customer service guarantees the fastest possible delivery.


SITOP enhances competitiveness with highly efficient power supply units. PSU6200 boasts up to 96.6% efficiency, and PSU8600 integrates energy management for optimized performance. With PROFIenergy, selectively switch off outputs for efficiency. Streamline your selection with the TIA Selection Tool, providing design data for CAE systems and comprehensive product documentation.


SITOP excels in integration: PSU8600 and UPS1600 seamlessly integrate into TIA Portal and SITOP Manager, saving time and money. Selectivity modules and PSU6200 use S7 function blocks for diagnostics. The SITOP library for SIMATIC PCS 7 ensures a transparent 24-V supply during operation, and communication occurs through PROFINET and OPC UA.

SITOP Portfolio

The comprehensive SITOP power supply portfolio offers controlled 24 V DC power supplies for a wide range of applications and requirements, while SITOP DC UPS and add-on modules extend power supply protection to the DC side in the event of power failures. Watch the video below to learn more.