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The new PROMARK T-2000 from Partex is the latest version of the immensely popular and reliable thermal transfer printer for cable and wiring markers. Revised from the ground up, the design includes new features making the marker printer even more compact, mobile, and universal.


Wireless Bluetooth connectivity enables management of the printer using a mobile device with Promark Creator GO installed. This is an undisputed advantage in difficult working conditions, in the field, on construction sites, or where no PC is available.


Another innovation in the design of PROMARK T-2000 marker printer makes the device even more mobile, making the marker printing process independent from any infrastructure: a portable power supply from 6 dedicated 1900mAh size AA batteries.


The new driver greatly expands the capabilities of the marking system and PROMARK devices. This new feature facilitates printing on more than one device simultaneously, with each printer processing different content and profiles at the same time.


In this marker printer model, the profile preheater is designed to process all compatible profile sizes. The profile preheater can work in two different modes: continuous or automatic, where the latter starts with the printing run. Three temperature levels help achieve optimum printing quality even at very low ambient temperatures (5-18 °C).


The PROMARK T-2000 marker printer provides improved productivity, better capabilities and higher performance — with improved functionality and operating convenience. The advantages include: – Additional intermediate font sizes (2.6mm and 4mm); – Internal storage expanded from 60,000 to 250,000 characters; – Maximum printable profile diameter increased to 8mm; – 50% longer printer ribbons; (Now 150m long).


  • Promark T-2000 printer
  • Black ribbon
  • Profile guide
  • Power cord
  • AC adapter
  • Transport bag
  • USB cable
  • Software

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