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A partnership to deliver excellence

Picture: (Left) Phil Elliott – CEO Cuthbert Stewart Ltd, (Centre) Mike Strong – MD HV Power, (Right) Judith Stewart – Chairman Cuthbert Stewart Ltd

Cuthbert Stewart Limited (CSL) and HV Power, who are respected advisers and suppliers to the electricity supply sector, have combined their knowledge and resources to create Gridworks. This new company brings together the industry insight, product range and service excellence that electricity supply organisations and contractors have been looking for.

Taking products from both CSL and HV Power, Gridworks offers a comprehensive array of solutions for line and cable projects. By drawing on CSL and HV Power’s wide sector knowledge, Gridworks has the range, expertise and backing that will assist customers improve system resilience and heightened safety.

CSL and HV Power will each continue to be dominant forces in their respective fields, as the joint venture allows them to concentrate on their remaining product lines. As the leading advocates in the creation of Gridworks, we understand the critical necessity of a sector partner that’s resourced, experienced and focussed on delivering the solutions for line and cable projects. We are proud to play a role in delivering that.

Mike Strong
General Manager
HV Power Measurements and Protection Limited

Phil Elliott
Chief Executive
Cuthbert Stewart Limited

Gridworks, the team that’s setting new standards for line and cable projects

Our promise:
The service and quality commitment you can depend on, from a proactively engaged partner to New Zealand’s electricity distribution sector.

• Delivering unparalleled expertise to help customers meet their compliance and SAIDI obligations
• Committing to innovation leadership in the quest for continuous improvement
• Supporting a partnering culture that believes knowledge sharing benefits all of us

Gridworks is now operational with dedicated facilities and access to a comprehensive range of inventory. Leading team members, Shank Paramanathan (formerly HV Power) and Dwayne Taylor (formerly CSL) bring industry-leading expertise to Gridworks. They are both recognised for their wide product knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges faced by operators engaged in line and cable construction and maintenance.