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Decentrally generate and distribute 24 V control voltages
FieldPower® 10 A power supply for cabinet-free installation concepts

Arm-orange - FieldPower® in use

In order to implement materials handling facilities in intra-logistics and production logistics in line with deadline and cost specifications, pre-assembled field boxes are required for the individual machine functions, which are type-tested and easy to combine and handle. These requirements are optimally satisfied by the FieldPower® 10 A power supply

The requirements for shorter project lead times, fewer failures and increasingly flexible production facilities are leading to ever greater machine and facility modularisation.

The new FieldPower® 10 A power supply with IP65 protection complements the proven FieldPower® system solution for modular machine and facility concepts. The decentralised generation of 24 V control voltages, combined with the FieldPower® installation benefits, make up the decisive added value.

In modern mechatronics machine functions are becoming increasingly modular and developed beyond the boundaries of different trades. With the modular FieldPower® system individual solutions – now including the power supply – can be implemented in a customised manner.

Product advantages

Reliable at high temperatures

The type-tested cooling without fans permits use in ambient temperatures up to 50 °C without derating.

Tailored to your application

FP_Box_SNT_10A_2xPT6_INSIDE_VIEWAs part of the modular FieldPower® system the FieldPower® 10 A power supply can be equipped with the exact interfaces and functions required.

A particularly reliable supply

The three-phase IP65 power supply is assembled near the 24 V loads. This minimises the voltage drop and increases operational reliability.

Simple installation, safe operation

The proven FieldPower® connection system enables swift and safe installation. Thanks to the uncut power bus line the loop impedance remains constantly low while the level of protection remains high.

The ideal power supply for modular power distribution systems

Ideally suitable for modular installations in the field that are to make do without a cabinet – individually tailored to the application in question. The uncut power bus enables simple installation and safe operation.

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