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Cuthbert Stewart is excited to welcome McKay to our System Integrator Partner program.  McKay’s expertise and reputation coupled with CSL’s high-end technology offering will lead to interesting and innovative solutions in New Zealand and around the world.

McKay is one of New Zealand’s leading electrical and engineering companies.  They are always looking for new ways to bring value, innovation and expertise to their clients.   For more than seven decades McKay has been bringing projects to life supplying expertise and experience across a broad range of disciplines. 

we are proud to be able to announce our recent partnership with CSL. Our goal with these partnerships is to truly bring innovative solutions and advanced electrotechnology products to our clients both in New Zealand and around the world, with the end goal of delivering ground-breaking projects.”  John Gell – National Business Development Manager, McKay.

The System Integrator program is a tailored offering.  This allows CSL to support our partners on their Siemens journey, helping them to unlock the huge potential Siemens software and hardware offers.  Working closely with our partners means we can customise a program to include relevant personal skill development, exclusive training and support across our broad portfolio. 

As industry begins to realise the potential of digitalisation, requirements for innovative and technically excellent partnerships are especially important, it is crucial to work closely with our partners to understand their needs, as well as the needs of their clients.

To find out more about McKay visit their webpage or give them a call on +64 9 470 1910.