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CSL’s Chairman Judith Stewart, is pleased to announce that at the Company’s Annual General Meeting(AGM) held on 27th July , CEO Phil Elliott was appointed to the CSL Board.

Phil has been with CSL for more than 23 years in various roles across the company including National Sales Manager and General Manager of the Power Utility Business.

“We’re a business with a long family heritage and I believe strongly in holding true to our founding principles. I also believe that change is good, and progress comes in many small increments and through leveraging the strength of ‘team’ and partnerships. We partner with some of the world’s leading innovators and I’m passionate about bringing that technology to New Zealand businesses and unlocking value for our clients.” Says Phil Elliott

Phil has led the CSL team as CEO since 2010 and has established a strong culture of continuous improvement and dedication to superior service. Over the last 11 years he has guided the company through many changes including the recent establishment of a new company Gridworks in collaboration with HV Power, and instigating partnerships with world renowned brands Siemens, KATKO, Rittal and signing of CSL’s newest agency – Belden cables.

Phil adds “My career with CSL has spanned more than 23 years, and the Company has always managed to fuel my passion with continual challenge and exciting opportunities. I’m very proud to now be taking the next step in joining the Board and am looking forward to our next phase of exciting growth, as Managing Director.”