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Weidmüller U-Remote helps deliver Kiwifruit success

Kiwifruit productivity is now at an all-time high and they need to be able to deliver better accuracy with faster sorting and grading facilities.

New Sentech Micro Alarms exclusive to CSL are the perfect choice for the home

Sentech Micro Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms are discreetly sized, superbly designed and aesthetically pleasing to complement any home – and both come with a 10 year battery.

Partex helping make a difference in New Zealand

Partex and the Loof Foundation helping some kiwi good Samaritans to feed the homeless . . .

Introducing LED sports lighting solutions that outshines the others

CSL is proud to introduce Ephesus, Americas leading brand in lighting for atadiums and other high-lumen outdoor and industrial applications. Ephesus Lighting was acquired by Eaton group and is sold under its Crouse-Hinds banner.

NEW Fluke Tix580 Infrared Camera with Fluke Connect™

Bring your best work. With up to 640×480 resolution, a large5.7 inch touchscreen and a 240° rotating lens, the answer is right before your eyes, even when your target isn’t.

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