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Replace PLC5 systems efficiently and without downtimes

Front adapter and pre-mounted cable for PLC migration

PLC and DCS systems quickly become obsolete and regularly need to be replaced with new models, particularly in cases where they no longer meet plant requirements, their manufacturer support expires or where they are not compatible with new elements or applications.

The Rockwell PLC5 is one such system that recently became obsolete. Weidmüller is therefore providing its users with a platform to migrate the PLC5 to more modern controllers supplied by Rockwell or other manufacturers, without changing the existing wiring in the control cabinet.

Migration systems and PLC front-panel adapters from Weidmüller make changes to the PLC or DCS structure simple. In addition, users of the Rockwell PLC5 system can now save time and money when performing the necessary migration to more modern systems.



Your special advantage:

Quick, secure and error-free migration

The existing field wiring is retained, thus reducing the time required to rewire the installation. Production facilities and automation systems can resume normal activity without downtimes during the migration. Pre-mounted cables, FADs and configuration tables allow for error-free cabling.