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Perfect for New Zealand’s dusty and damp industrial environments, the Liebert ITA2 from Vertiv is a fully-digital, highly reliable, double conversion UPS solution that delivers clean and consistent power. This highly efficient solution is ideal for various deployments; whether they’re IT racks, network closets, automation control systems, and precision instruments to small-sized control rooms, and among other edge applications.

Liebert ITA2

Available in different wattage variations, Liebert ITA2 is ideal in edge of networks, light industrial applications, blending easily into any virtualized environment and providing comprehensive power protection at lower operating costs.

Dust Proof, Moisture Proof, High-Temperature Proof and delivering 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS system, the ITA2 Series is unmatched and is well suited to the tough Kiwi industrial environments.

Reliability in a Compact Footprint:

  • Fully-digital control with high output voltage precision.
  • Manages all the nine power problems including sagging, spikes, and fluctuations.
  • Built-in Ethernet port includes compatibility with intelligent cards (SIC card, RDU_SIC cards, etc.,) with browser support.
  • Built-in-power charger for fast charging reduces battery charging time.
  • Prolonged backup time through cascaded connection.
  • Quality-tested for 1000 hours for extreme durability and extreme tolerance even in stringent condition

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