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Get the infrared solution you need to conduct thorough and accurate inspections in any environment. Fluke has the infrared camera you need to solve the problems you face every day at your job. Plus every camera in our Performance, Professional, and Expert Series comes standard with Fluke Connect®, so you can store asset images in one location for comparison over time and get work order approvals or questions answered without leaving the field.



Top of our list is the Fluke Infrared 180° models, Fluke Ti520 and Ti560, with an articulating camera to get in to see those tight spots. Both models have the largest 5.7 inch responsive LCD touchscreen for a 320 x 240 infrared camera. The camera itself has SuperResolution and LaserSharp® Auto Focus which give you the best images with higher resolution than other cameras on the market and dependable accuracy for all measurements take, including distance up to 30 meters. You can conduct analysis right in the field making use of the level and span adjustment features and filter mode, adjusting for sensitivity. The TiX560 has the added features of continuous auto blend, combining IR and visual image, as well as the ability to combine multiple images for sharper pictures. Add to this a variety of post image editing options and you can be sure you have an image that best represents the location and problems.

As a Fluke Connect product you will receive all the benefits that come with it, Cloud storage of data and reports, ShareLive™ video calls to colleagues over wifi, AutoRecord™ which saves records automatically to your device and TrendIt™ which enables graphing on the device from your own data. The TiX520 will measure temperature up to 850°C and the TiX560 up to 1200°C while the 560 also has remote viewing and control option.

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