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FT1A ControllerPresenting FT1A, the newest family of SmartAXIS controllers from the industry’s original manufacturer of micro PLCs. FT1A controllers deliver affordability without compromise. Features and functions are already built in, so engineers can now enjoy
more versatility and more choices for their automation needs than ever before.

Designed to give you the most bang for your buck, these simple, powerful controllers deliver an exceptional value. FT1A controllers are available with 12, 24, 40, or 48 I/O, while a 3.8-inch HMI + PLC with sophisticated features and a super-bright LCD screen is also available.

All FT1A controllers meet the highest industry standards for quality and safety. The FT1A SmartAXIS family is CE compliant, cULus listed, has an ABS type approval and is Class I Division 2 rated for hazardous locations. Whatever your application requires, the FT1A SmartAXIS family has a solution!

A Breed of Its OwnFT1A Installed_Small

The perfect combination of PLC processing and HMI monitoring and control, the 3.8-inch FT1A Touch is an all-in-one touchscreen interface and logic controller. With a compact body and full complement of features, FT1A Touch is perfect for
small systems that require a graphical user interface along with versatile I/O controls at a truly affordable price.




Fast Processing Speed

Large Memory Programming

Don’t compromise processing speed for other functions! With FT1A Touch, basic instructions can be processed in 1850µs per 1000 steps of programming. FT1A Touch is equipped with abundant memory capacity. With 48KB of logic controls programming, complex PLC programs can be constructed without much restriction. And with 5MB of configuration memory for the display, a unique and professional display interface can be easily configured.

Digital and Analog Inputs

Ethernet Connectivity

The FT1A Touch is equipped with eight digital inputs of which two can be configured as 0-10V DC analog inputs with 10-bit resolution. These built-in analog inputs can reduce overall system cost. With the embedded RJ45 Ethernet port, FT1A project files can be remotely uploaded or downloaded over an Ethernet connection. Critical logging data can also be retrieved quickly.

Analog Expansion Cartridges

High Speed Counters

Using analog expansion cartridges, FT1A Touch can accept 0-10V DC, 4-20mA, RTD and Thermocouple inputs, with 12 to 15-bit resolution. There are eight built-in inputs, four of which can be configured as high-speed counters with a maximum frequency range of 10kHz for single-phase or 5kHz for dual-phase.

Built-in Analog Outputs

PID Controls

Two 0-10V DC, 4-20mA analog outputs With an improved PID algorithm and easier-to-configure dialog box, PID controls can be monitored using a single screen. Advanced PID control functions, such as auto-tuning, ARW (anti-reset windup) and bumpless transfer, are also supported.



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