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With an ever-changing market and tough competition, you need an edge to stay on top. The sixth-generation FL1F IDEC SmartRelay meets your demands from all small-scale applications by offering more powerful hardware, a new display and full communication options via Ethernet. The new FL1F relay handles up to 60 I/O and has a built-in web server for convenient browser-based remote access, raising the bar significantly for SmartRelay’s.

IDECFL1Fpic8FL1F SmartRelay is a substantial upgrade to the current FL1E model. Responding to market demand for a programmable relay with many of the features found in micro PLCs, the FL1F SmartRelay can now accommodate small- to medium-sized OEM machine control and other applications.

The FL1F SmartRelay CPU module has 8-discrete inputs and 4-discrete outputs. In addition, there are six types of I/O expansion modules, and up to 12 I/O expansion modules can be added to the CPU expanding the I/O capacity to a maximum of 60 I/O. Maximum configurations are 24 discrete inputs, 20 discrete outputs, 8-Analog inputs and 8-Analog outputs. Each discrete output can switch up to 10A.



Base Module Highlights:

150710 LOGO IDEC TDE F_03engEmbedded RJ45 Ethernet Port

  • Remote program download, upload and monitor
  • Integrated web server for remote monitoring and control

Micro SD Card slot

  • Equipped with micro SD slot for program storage, transfer and data logging
  • No need for a special memory cartridge

Data Logging

  • Up to 20,000 lines in a file with a maximum of 50 files can be stored in the Micro SD Memory card

150710 LOGO IDEC TDE F_04engIntegrated web server

  • Easily monitor and control web pages with no HTML knowledge
  • Instant monitoring and control using standard web browser like Chrome, IE and Firefox
  • View and control I/O status, timer, counters, analog set point and more

There’s an APP for that!

  • Download iOS and Android App for free
  • Using the SmartRelay App, users can view and control any I/O status, timer, counters, and analog set point anywhere and at any time

1:N Communication

  • FL1F SmartRelays now have the capability to communicate with each other over an Ethernet network
  • Up to 16 FL1F SmartRelays can be configured on the network


Please refer to attached FL1F series datasheet for detailed specifications, dimension and other technical information.



Existing SmartRelay users are advised to download the latest WindLGC software version 8.0 UPGRADE from the links below.

For 32-bit PC, download the upgrade to WindLGC 8.0 from the link below: 32-bit here

For 64-bit PC, download the upgrade to WindLGC 8.0 from the link below: 64-bit here

There is no special cable for programming FL1F SmartRelay. You can use any Ethernet cable to program the FL1F SmartRelay.

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